Tugas Kuliah CBI


Tugas Mandiri Mahasiswa CBI (A25 & Hotel 8). Dikumpulkan Selasa, 28 Des. 2011 saat kuliah. Kumpulan kosa kata ini adalah persamaan makna (Synonym). Terjemahkan kata-kata tersebut ke dalam Bhs. Inggris. Klik disini



A. Tugas mandiri 1:

Terjemahkan salah satu text dibawah ini ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia!

1. Computer Vocabulary

Anti-virus software – A program that finds and removes viruses from a computer.

Backup – A copy on floppy disk or tape of files on a PC’s hard disk. A backup is used in case the hard disk file(s) are erased or damaged.

Bit, bytes – A bit is the smallest piece of information that computers use. For simplicity, a PC uses bits in groups of 8 called bytes (8 bits = 1 byte).

Boot, boot up, boot disk – You boot (or boot up) your computer when you switch it on and wait while it prepares itself. Instructions for startup are given to the computer from the boot disk, which is usually the hard disk.

Browser, to browse – A browser is a program like Netscape or Internet Explorer. You use it to view or browse the Internet.

Bug – A (small) defect or fault in a program.

Cache – A kind of memory used to make a computer work faster.

CD-ROM – A disk for storing computer information. It looks like an audio CD.

CPU – Central Processing Unit. This is a PC’s heart or ‘brains’.

DOS – Disk Operating System. The original system used for PCs. You type in commands instead of pointing and clicking.

Driver – A small program that tells a PC how a peripheral works.

Electronic mail (email, e-mail) – Messages sent from one computer to another. You can see email on the screen or print it out.

Floppy disk – A cheap, removable disk used for storing or transferring information. It is floppy (soft) because it is plastic. See hard disk.

Floppy drive – The device used to run a floppy disk (usually drive ‘A’.)

Folder (directory) – A sub-division of a computer’s hard disk into which you put files.

Font – A particular sort of lettering (on the screen or on paper). Arial is a font. Times New Roman is another.

Format – All hard disks and floppy disks have to be electronically prepared for use by a process called formatting. Hard disks are pre-formatted by the computer manufacturer. If you buy a floppy disk that is not pre-formatted, you format it yourself, using a program that comes with your PC.

Graphics card – The equipment inside a computer that creates the image on the screen.

Hard disk – The main disk inside a computer used for storing programs and information. It is hard because it is metal. See floppy disk.

Icon – A small image or picture on a computer screen that is a symbol for folders, disks, peripherals, programs etc.

InternetInternational network of computers that you connect to by telephone line. Two popular services of the Internet are the World Wide Web and electronic mail.

Kb, Mb, Gb – Kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes. Used to measure computer memory and storage.

Memory – Memory is for the temporary storing of information while a computer is being used. See RAM, ROM and Cache.

MHz – Megahertz. This describes the speed of computer equipment. The higher the MHz the better the performance.

Modem – Equipment connected to a computer for sending/receiving digital information by telephone line. You need a modem to connect to the Internet, to send electronic mail and to fax.

Operating System – The basic software that manages a computer.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition. OCR lets a PC read a fax or scanned image and convert it to actual lettering.

Parallel port – A socket at the back of a computer for connecting external equipment or peripherals, especially printers.

PC card – A device that is the same size as a thick credit card, for plugging into a slot on notebook computers. You can buy memory, modems and hard disks as PC cards.

Peripheral – Any equipment that is connected externally to a computer. For example, printers, scanners and modems are peripherals.

Pixel – The image that you see on the screen is made of thousands of tiny dots, points or pixels.

Program Software that operates a PC and does various things, such as writing text (word-processing program), keeping accounts (accounts program) and drawing pictures (graphics program).

QWERTY – The first 6 letters on English-language keyboards are Q-W-E-R-T-Y. The first 6 letters on French-language keyboards are A-Z-E-R-T-Y.

RAM, ROM – Two types of memory. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the main memory used while the PC is working. RAM is temporary. ROM (Read Only Memory) is for information needed by the PC and cannot be changed.

Resolution – The number of dots or pixels per inch (sometimes per centimetre) used to create the screen image.

Scanner – Equipment for converting paper documents to electronic documents that can be used by a computer.

Serial port – Socket at the back of a PC for connecting peripherals.

Taskbar, Start button – Two areas of the screen in Windows 95. The taskbar, at the bottom of the screen, shows the programs in use. The start button, in the bottom left corner, is for opening new programs.

TFT – Thin Film Transistor, a type of high quality screen for notebook computers.

Virus – A small, unauthorized program that can damage a PC.

Windows – An operating system used by the majority of PCs.

World Wide Web, WWW, the Web – WWW are initials that stand for World Wide Web. The Web is one of the services available on the Internet. It lets you access millions of pages through a system of links. Because it is ‘world-wide’, it was originally called the World Wide Web or WWW.

WYSIWIG – ‘What You See Is What You Get.’ With a WYSIWIG program, if you print a document it looks the same on paper as it looks on the screen.


Computer An electronic device used for processing data. The physical parts that make up a computer (the central processing unit, input, output, and memory) are called hardware. Programs that tell a computer what to do are called software.


Information processing – Capturing, storing, updating and retrieving data information.


Personal computer (microcomputer) – A computer that serves one user at a time.


Hardware –The physical parts of the computer system that you can touch and feel such as the CPU (central processing unit), keyboard, monitor, and computer case.


System unit – Example: CPU, main memory, electronic components, drive bays for storage.


Microprocessor – The main processing unit of a computer or information processing device; acts as the “brain” on the machine carrying out instructions, performing calculations, and interacting with all the components used to operate the computer. Handles the fetch, decode, and execute steps of the computer system.


Chip – An integrated circuit. A thin piece of silicon that contains all the components of an electronic circuit.


Embedded processor – A chip designed with a specific set of usable instructions. The user cannot change the instructions an embedded processor can understand.


Integrated circuit – A complete circuit on a chip built by a chip fabrication process.


Motherboard (also called systemboard) – The main circuit board of a computer housing the microprocessor and providing the means of connecting all the components–including memory sockets and expansion slots–that make up the computer.


Expansion slot – A connector designed to allow the addition of printed circuit boards–daughterboards–to the motherboard, for adding special control units such as soundboards


Disk drive – A mechanism that holds, spins, reads, and writes either magnetic or optical disks.


Secondary storage devices – Permanently stores data. (Floppy disk, hard drive)


DVD – A type of optical disc that uses the same diameter as a CD and looks like a CD, but has a significantly higher storage capacity, sometimes more than 25 times the digital storage of a compact disc.


Palmtop – An electronic organizer.


Desktop – Sits on desk with separate monitor.


Tower – An upright case with more room.


Input The data that is entered into a computer. The act of entering data into a computer.


Input devices – Examples – keyboard, mouse, joy stick, track ball, and scanner.


Keyboard – A computer input device that uses a set of keys to put data into the computer.


Scanner – A computer input device that can read text, images and barcodes, and translate them into digital code.


Output The computer-generated information that is displayed to the user in some discernible form such as a screen display, printed page, or sound.


Output devices – Examples – monitor, printer, speakers, projector.


Peripherals- Extra attachments and capabilities. Examples – modem, microphone, camera.


Software Computer program that gives detailed set of instruction to tell the computer exactly what to do.


Operating system – The system necessary for a computer to operate.


Application – A program that helps the user accomplish a specific task; for example, a word processing program or a spreadsheet program. Application programs should be distinguished from system programs, which control the computer and run those application programs, and utilities, which are small assistance programs.


Networks – Multiple computers linked together.


Server – Designed to support a computer network that allows user to share data, software and peripherals.


Memory – A place to store information; see RAM, ROM.


Byte – 8 bits = 1 character, series of O’s and 1’s


Random Access Memory (RAM) – Temporary storage memory chips that form the computer’s primary workspace; contents are lost if the power is disrupted. This form of primary storage can be read and written to many times.


Read Only Memory (ROM) – Storage memory chips that are able to maintain their contents if the power is disrupted. This form of primary storage chips has their stored content entered at the time of their fabrication and can be written to only once.


Internet – a global network connecting millions of computers, linking more than 100 countries for the exchange of data, news and opinions.


URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – the address that defines the route to a file on a Web server.


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) – The document format used on the Internet



A software application which displays unwanted pop-up advertisements on your
computer while in use. Adware is often installed on your computer at the same
time as free software or shareware.

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An application is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for
the user. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook or Adobe Photoshop are examples of
application programs.

Browser A program or tool such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla that enables you to browse
or surf the World Wide Web and view internet sites.
Bug A defect or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working correctly.
Bugs are caused by mistakes or errors made by the people who write the
Cache A sort of fast memory used for temporary storage of recently accessed web pages,
which enables the browser to display them more quickly on the next visit.
Cookies A cookie is a small piece of information on the times and dates you have visited
web sites. A web server can temporarily store this information within your browser.
The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and possibly prepare customized
web pages for them.
Crash A crash, in computing, is what happens when a program, or the entire operation
system, unexpectedly stops working.
Cursor A blinking symbol on the screen that shows where any new text will next be entered.
Driver A special program which enables a computer to work with a particular piece of
hardware such as a printer.
E-business Business done over the internet or any internet-based network.
E-mail Electronic mail :  messages sent from one computer to another over the Internet.
FAQ Frequently asked questions
Firewall Specialized hardware or software designed to prevent unrestricted or unauthorized
access into or out of a computer or network.
Font A particular kind of lettering (for example : Arial, Bookman, Times New Roman).
Hardware The physical equipment or touchable parts of a computer system, the CPU
(central processing unit),  the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the external
speakers, the scanner, the printer, etc,
Hit A visit to a website.
Home page The main page or opening page that appears when you visit a web site.  It usually
contains links to the other pages.
Login Process by which a user enters a name and password to access a computer.

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/* computer vocab_120x600, created 22/09/08 */
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Modem A device that enables a computer to send and receive information over a telephone
line. You need a modem to connect to the Internet, to send email and to fax.
Netiquette Network etiquette : a set of informal rules defining proper behaviour on the Internet
Portal A website that acts as a gateway or entry point to the internet (for example, Yahoo).
Typically, a portal offers a search engine and links to other sites grouped into
categories,  as well as news or other services.
Program A sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute in order
to do a particular job.  Programs are collectively referred to as “software”.
Provider Company that provides access to the Internet.
Scanner A piece of hardware, or peripheral device, used to scan a document and create a
digital copy.
Spam Unwanted, irrelevant or inappropriate e-mail messages, especially commercial
advertising.   Also referred to as “junk e-mail”.
Spyware Software that collects information, without your knowledge, about your web-surfing
habits and uses it for marketing purposes.  Very often contained in free downloads
or shareware programs.
Trojan A Trojan is a computer program that is hidden in a useful software application and
actually used  to gain access to your computer. It then performs malicious actions
such as displaying messages or erasing files. Trojans may be found in a hacked
legitimate program or in free software .
Videoconference Interactive, audiovisual meeting between two or more people in different geographic
locations using two-way video technology.
Virus A virus is a malicious self-replicating program that spreads by inserting copies of
itself into other executable code or documents,
and whose sole intent is to cause
problems on a computer
It acts in a way similar to a biological virus, and the infected file is called a host.
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get.  (pronounced ‘wizzy-wig’).
A WYSIWYG application enables you to see on the screen exactly what will appear
when the document is printed.
WWW World Wide Web: A hypertext information system consisting of a network of web
pages which runs on the Internet and can be accessed with a browser.
Worm A computer worm is a self-replicating computer program, similar to a computer virus.
It infects additional computers (typically by making use of network connections),
often clogging networks and information systems as it spreads.
Zip To zip a file is to compress it so that it occupies less space in storage
and can be transferred quickly over the Internet.


Tulis sebuah teks tentang ‘UNFORGETABLE MEMORY” atau kenangan yang tak terlupakan dalam hidup anda dengan menggunakan bahasaInggris, minimal 250 kata.


Buat bahan ajar dengan mnggunakan POWERPOINT atau sejenisnya yang terkait dengan TENSES (pilih salah satu: a. Present tense, past tense, dan present perfect tense, b. Present continouse tense, Past Contiouse Tense dan Present Future Tense, c. Kalimat active dan passive dalam bahasa Inggris.

Ketentuan Tugas:

1. Tugas 1 dan 2 diketik dengan spasi 1,5 kertas A.4

2.  Tugas 1 & 2 harus dijilid rapi lengkap dengan cover depan.

3. Tugas 3 dibuat dalam slide powerpoint & di kirim ke email :


4. File tugas 1 & 2 juga dikirim ke email diatas.

5. Tugas dikumpulkan paling lambat tanggal 16 Mei 2009.




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